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Hotel Gems of Ireland

A land of castles and legends, whispers of Ireland stir the soul and evoke dreams of mist-wreathed hills and ancient battles long-since fought. Visitors to this land can take in its breathtaking splendor from any number of locations. From the bustling streets of Dublin to the majestic lakes and mountains of Killarney to the eclectic arts hub of Galway, Ireland offer something for everyone, and its luxury resorts are no exception.

In Dublin, visitors looking for art and atmosphere need search no further than the Merrion Hotel. Housed in four painstakingly restores Georgian townhouses near the city center, the Merrion offers visitors the chance to relax in two spectacular, 18th century gardens, enjoy an astonishing collection of 19th and 20th century art, and two enticing restaurants, including the renowned Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud. For those looking for a haven from the bustle of Dublin, the Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel offers guests beautiful rooms and fine dining overlooking the magnificent woodlands of the St. Helen’s Estate-all just minutes from some of Dublin’s best attractions.

In the Southwest is Killarney, a land of lakes and mountains that have attracted visitors for centuries. In this majestic setting are some of the most stunning hotels Ireland has to offer. For those who love history, The Muckross Park Hotel and Cloisters Spa is one of the oldest hotels in the area, with a heritage dating back to 1789 and boasting a visit by Queen Victoria. Located within the spectacular setting of Killarney National Park, guests here enjoy fine dining from one of two restaurants, luxurious pampering at the Cloisters Spa, and 25,000 acres of untamed Irish wilderness. Set on the placid waters of Kenmare Bay, the Park Hotel Kenmare offers guests a wide variety of activities, from and 18 hole golf course to a world-class spa, all set on idyllic park lands just minutes from the town of Kenmare.

In the Southeast, nestled in the beautiful countryside of County Kilkenny, is the Mount Juliet Hotel. Offering a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, breathtaking accommodations, fine dining, and 1500 acres of private gardens, walks, and woodlands, the Mount Juliet Hotel has consistently garnered awards that put it in a class all its own.

In the quaint village of Killenard in the midlands of County Laois, visitors will find a gem, the Heritage Golf & Spa Resort. Boasting a championship golf course and golf school, spa treatments that pamper body and spirit, and four scrumptious restaurants, the Heritage Golf & Spa offers guests a relaxing resort that is still only an hour from the busy streets of Dublin.

On Ireland’s West Coast is “the g,” Galway’s only five-star hotel. A celebration of all things artistic, eclectic, and eccentric, the g celebrates the spirit of artistry and design that has come to characterize Galway. Offering some of Galway’s finest dining at their world-class restaurant, Matz, and relaxation treatments from ESPA, the g provides guests with a truly unique escape from the ordinary in the heart of Galway.

Goa Hotels: Best Five Accommodation Options in South Goa

Known for its quaint environs and untouched beauty, the southern part of Goa is a cocoon of comfort and rejuvenation. The beaches here are much more peaceful and picturesque than that of Northern Goa. Away from urban settlements and decked with pretty fishing villages and breathtaking beaches the region is a fabulous place for holidaying. When it comes to best hotels in Goa the luxury hotels in south Goa with their heart-warming hospitality and world-class comforts always make their way in the top spots of the list. Ranging from those facing the gorgeous beaches to the other tastefully done in Portuguese style the guests have plenty of choices to look for from a horde of Goa hotels in this region. One can expect excellent hospitality, realm of recreation, fitness and business amenities.

These hotels thus ensure one’s full comfort and satisfaction while on a tour of the region. Amongst the best the finest five includes:

Bogmallo Beach Resort: Perched next to the beautiful arch shaped Bogmallo Beach, the resort offers an exclusive experience of living on the beach. The authenticity of its style, tranquilizing effect of the gorgeous shores and palm fringed beauty, scenes of fishermen tugging on their nets, dolphins making splash in the waters are most enchanting. The resort promises the best of dining, wining and even corporate services.

Leela Palace: The hotel presents an elegant definition of a fusion of South Indian temple architecture with Portuguese heritage. Sprawling over 75 acres in idyllic South Goa, the property is a king style abode of comfort ideal for aficionados of luxury living. Plush suites, state-of-the-art business centre, impeccable conferencing amenities, elegant dining and wining options and more. For hard core food lovers this place will prove to be the best amongst most hotels in Goa. From continental to traditional Indian cuisines all is prepared under expert supervision and served at the most chic restaurants.

Intercontinental the Lalit Goa Resort: Another lavish property, the resort is a luxurious five star property perched on 85 acres of landscape. An exclusive beachfront provides its guests all the privacy and seclusion they would like to experience on their trip. Landscaped gardens, golf course a trendy bar, numerous fine dining options, holistic spa to leisurely beach side activities, the hotel throws a gamut of leisure experiences at the feet of its esteemed guests for them to be able to enjoy a fabulous holiday.

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa: A magnificent property is located in the most idyllic location by pristine beachfront. Extensive spa facilities blended with unique village concept villa the property exude magical essence.

Majorda Beach Resort: Spread over 22 acres of landscape, Majorda Beach Resort is a five star deluxe hotel which overlooks breathtaking views of either the ocean or the lush green gardens. Rooms are equipped with all the modern day comforts and the list of recreation, dining and business amenities also matches up to best of Goa hotels.

These hotels in Goa are not only the best but they also keep updating themselves to retain their places at their respective spots. Thus innovating new ways of hospitality and serving the guests with only the best these five star properties in Goa matches highest levels of hospitality business thereby providing a fabulous holiday to their guests.

Hotels for Star Signs

According to horoscopes, tastes of a person depend on the time of his/her birth. Here you shall find the list of 12 hotels for 12 star signs:

Aries: sports and active rest

Christmas Mountain Village (Wisconsin Dells, USA).

Aries is the most active of all star signs. Lying in the sun for hours is definitely not for representatives of this star sign. They shall be happy with a wide choice of sport activities, offered by “Christmas Mountain Village”, the state of Wisconsin, USA. This hotel includes both tennis courts and golf fields.

Taurus: relaxing rest in a rural area

Duin & Kruidberg Country Estate (Santpoort, the Netherlands).

People who belong to the star sign of Taurus are experts in beautiful things. They are real connoisseurs of elegance and delicious cuisine that can be found in “Duin & Kruidberg Country Estate”, Santpoort, Holland. They shall also enjoy the picturesque location of the hotel in a big park, situated not far from the best Amsterdam museums.

Gemini: exotic journey

Eton Hotel (Shanghai, China)

Representatives of this star sign are looking for diversity. Their life has to be in full swing to make them happy. Their ideal rest must include meeting new people and having fun. The designer “Eton Hotel” in Shanghai shall be the ideal choice for them.

Cancer: luxury and romance

Grand Hotel National (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Representatives of the star sign of cancer are mostly introverts. During their journeys they prefer to avoid crowds of people. A romantic supper in a restaurant having the view of water shall serve as the ideal variant for them. The exquisite “Grand Hotel National” in Lucerne can offer the above and even more.

Leo: chick and celebrity

Ocean Sands Resort & Spa (Pompano Beach, USA)

Leos cannot stand ordinariness. They have to shine. During their journey, they want not only to see the world, but also to express themselves. Luxurious resorts, such as “Ocean Sands Pompano Beach” in Florida shall perfectly suit representatives of this star sign. Many “rich and famous” people like to have rest here.

Virgo: SPA-rest

The Empire Hotel & Country Club (Bandar-Seri-Bagawan, Brunei)

Serious and pedantic representatives of the star sign of Virgo are constantly striving for perfection. Therefore not a single detail in the hotel shall escape their attention. They shall fail to find fault with anything in the luxurious “Empire Hotel & Country Club”, and visiting the hotel’s SPA-centre shall be their next step to the ideal.

Libra: urban rest

Graves 601 Hotel (Minneapolis, USA)

Most of all representatives of the star sign of Libra appreciate harmony and peace. This makes them refined connoisseurs of beauty, including in the field of art. “Graves 601 Hotel” in Minneapolis offers them stylish design and neighborhood with the best theatres and other cultural places of interest of the city.

Scorpio: various types of extreme

StarWorld Hotel and Casino (Macao, China)

Life of Scorpios shall be incomplete without strong emotions. These passionate personalities avoid traditional routes and are amateurs of the extreme rest. “StarWorld Hotel and Casino” shall offer them the desired level of adrenaline. Here they shall be able to try their fate at the gambling-table and admire the view of Macao from the highest tower if the city.

Sagittarius: cheerful adventures

Royal Olympic Hotel (Athens, Greece)

Representatives of this star sign are inborn travelers. They are always exploring the world and are usually optimistic. At rest they most often seek adventures and freedom. They shall definitely like “Royal Olympic Hotel” in Athens with a view of Temple of Zeus and Acropolis, where they shall find themselves in the centre of one of the most ancient capitals in the world.

Capricorn: rest in the open air

Mountain Run at Boyne (Boyne Falls, USA)

Representatives of the star sign of Capricorn are considered the most serious of the star signs. Spontaneity is alien to their personality. They choose in favor of peace and silence. They prefer to rest in the open air, where they enjoy walking and cycling. “Mountain Run at Boyne” may become their favorite hotel both in winter and in summer.

Aquarius: unusual places for individualists

Garden Hotel Suzhou (Suzhou, China)

Representatives of this star sign like everything strange and unusual. They often surpass their time and lead their own lifestyle. No wonder that for their rest they also chose unique places, such as luxurious “Garden Hotel Suzhou”, situated in the delta of the river Yangtze, in the region called “The Venice of the East”.

Pisces: romantic rest for dreamers

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Starnberg (Starnberg, Germany)

Pisces are considered sensitive and open to injury. They like to have rest in picturesque places, preferably by water. Four-star Hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten Starnberg” is situated by the lake Starnberg, to the south from Munich. Here you can admire picturesque views of the Alps. Numerous historic villas and castles can be found near the hotel.

Surely, those who choose hotels according to the sign of Zodiac signs, the price for the hotel seems to be not the first criteria for their choice. Such people could probably choose hotels from the list of the most expensive hotels in the world.